About our authors

Lisa Calhoun

Founder, Write2Market

Lisa is a lifelong content junkie–she’s even got that elusive degree in professional writing.

“The Content Marketing ‘Field’ Guide is a project of passion for me. It’s the latest evolution of a career in content. I was a trade journal editor  before I got into agency work by helping companies like Motorola with effective web content. Writing formats change; the essentials of connecting with audiences don’t. I love what this collaborative book is doing for today’s top marketers.”

Jennifer Hazelton

Writer/Publicist, Write2Market

Jennifer is a career journalist–and entrepreneur. In a previous life, Jennifer cut her teeth working for Fox News and CNN. Now, she’s building ShopCrocus.

“My passion for this project comes from a very practical place. I know my market for my brand is out there, but I have to get to them inexpensively and authoritatively. Content marketing is essential for me and using the Content Marketing Guide as a lens to learn more is just what I want right now.”

Emily McDougald

Account Executive, Write2Market

“I love watching content marketing make a difference for our clients. It is amazing how a smart content strategy can drive web traffic, social media success, and ultimately allow businesses to tell their stories and shape public perception of their brands.

I’ve seen the power of content marketing, and I am so exited to be a part of this project– sharing what we’ve learned to help businesses reach their goals.”

Lindsay Trinkle

Sr. Account Executive, Write2Market

“I love that growing companies can tell the stories of the problems they’re solving through compelling, thoughtful content. Marketing is at its best when it’s simultaneously adding value to the consumer and credibility to the marketer.

Content marketing is the best way to accomplish that, which is why I am so excited to be a part of this project.”

Natalie Black

PR Strategist

“Content is so very important to public relations and marketing efforts because it helps establish an emotional currency between your brand and your audience.

It is one thing to say ‘building relationships is important to us,’ but it is another thing to put time and resources into developing them with a strong content strategy “

About the Content Marketing Guide

The Content Marketing (Field) Guide initiative is all about creating the most practical, actionable approach to content marketing ever. At Write2Market, we’re among the first agencies to execute content marketing, starting in 2005 with a 1500 page project for Motorola.  Since then, we’ve invested thousands of pages and thousands of hours in blogs, email campaigns, new software, new software that’s now old software… you get the picture. We know a lot–and there’s always a lot more to learn in this dynamic field.

The Content Marketing Guide is our way of sharing our knowledge, encouraging our community and stimulating our field to push further with:

1) Free access to our growing list of surveys, templates and tools for content marketers
2) The free digital book, The Content Marketing Field Guide, when it’s available November 5. We’ll send you the complete digital copy.
3) Access to each chapter as it is written–for your comments, questions and interaction. (Comment on the chapters themselves through the site.)
4) Invites to webinars and events with content marketing luminaries

We’d also welcome a contribution from you about YOUR experience.
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