3 creative content marketing success stories (you can copy)

GE, Chainalytics and Optum provide three recent case studies of content marketing success. How are they doing it?

Real World Content Marketing Success Stories

There are plenty of B2C companies that are delivering great content, but what about B2B companies?  Here are a few examples of B2B companies doing it well.

Optum: eBook Hub

Optum facilitates fast, easy access to information that supports decision-marking across the healthcare system with clients in 140 countries. Optum launched a lead nurturing campaign with an eBook as the hub. Moneyball was used as a metaphor to illustrate the power of analytics in health care and targeted hospitals, health systems and large physician groups.

Optum’s eBook received more than 500  downloads the first month and now there are 18,000+ contacts are new in various stages of the lead nurture track. (Courtesy: Top Rank Blog)

Optum ebook

GE: Instagram

GE uses social channels to express their awe and fascination — not with their products, but with science and innovation as a whole. They highlight pioneers, products and news.  GE has accumulated a massive Instagram following of 185,000 followers, many of whom are highly engaged. Each post pulls in thousands of likes and scores of comments. (Courtesy: Hubspot)

GE on instagram

W2M Client: Chainalytics 

Bright Minds. Better Methods. Best Outcomes–that’s the tagline for Chainalytics, a supply chain consultancy that  accelerates fact-based transformation for leading supply chain  teams around the globe. Our combined PR and content marketing efforts over the past year have garnered more than 46 earned media wins, 7 conference speaking opportunities and 2 awards on their behalf.

Perhaps our proudest accomplishment with Chainalytics is that they are able to identify more than $1 million of new business leads directly from our social strategy and execution, which includes company blog posts, Twitter and Linkedin pushes.

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