The ultimate content marketing power move

You've done it all--and you're still looking for more ways to make your content marketing program rock. This article's for you.

Are distribution costs for your content eating you alive?

Maybe you can’t use cool tools like Outbrain because your content doesn’t fit their format. Maybe your ad budget on LinkedIn is tapped. Then where do you go?

Owned media can be a great way to guarantee your content marketing a place in the spotlight of your target market. Invest in webinars, newsletters, publications, or even a video program that you create and manage.

It can work brilliantly on a small level—I started a web magazine for female entrepreneurs that engages dozens of female CEOs daily. In its first week, over 100 CEOs engaged with the content. Owned media also works on the macro level, such as with Adobe’s (yep, owned content!) or The Agency Post, owned by Hubspot, or Baker Seeds Heirloom Gardener magazine.

If an entire magazine or conference is too much to start with given your current content marketing program parameters, begin by launching a supremely focused industry-relevant blog and newsletter. See which topics get the most clicks. Offer your most engaged content in another form, such as webinar or video. Depending on your audience, you may even decide to host your own conference around your most engaging content, as my tech PR firm Write2Market does. We invite top B2B CMOs to join us annually at the Industry Leadership Summit.

Owned media is easy to start–and addictive. Try it and let us know how it’s going. It can be just the shot in the arm your content marketing program needs. ROI takes a little longer than with “quick hit” content marketing techniques, but dozens of companies have proven that done right, this is a game changing strategy with long term rewards. We’d love to feature one of your owned media stories right here.