LinkedIn reach estimator

You don't have to imagine the possibilities--you can see them! Prepare to be impressed with what your actual reach could become if you engaged your team.

Use this quick estimator  of your company’s reach on social media. Since this is a company example, we’re going to stick with LinkedIn.

1. How many people at your company are on LinkedIn? If you’re not sure, go to LinkedIn, look up your Company in the Search, and see how many people are listed there as being with your company. That is your active LinkedIn employee population.

2. ____ x 500 to find out the reach of one of your posts if everyone shared it.

500 is the average number of followers a person on LinkedIn has.

3. That equals ______.

4. Now take that big number, and multiply it times .05 x 500. What is that number? _______

That’s how many people you’d reach if those people whom your company shared with, shared it.We’re assuming 5% of your secondary, outside-of-company audience will share it, but feel free to change this for exciting content. You could also consider thinking about multiplying by 200 if you want to simply look at brand impressions–people seeing your name in the feed.

  • Bonus tip: your posts are 11x more likely to be seen if they include a photo. So make sure you have a compelling graphic with those posts!

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