Social distribution email templates

Maximize how far your social posts go with these email templates. Use them to encourage your team to share your posts--and see immediate results!

Set yourself up right.

1) If you haven’t already checked out the LinkedIn Reach Estimator, use that to decide how many people you can really reach.

2) Be sure to prep your company LinkedIn page first with your latest blog post or promotion. You’ll need that link for your team.

You’ll want to fill in the underlined information below with the specifics of your organization.

Social Distribution Template 1: the kickoff

SUBJECT: be a company hero in 3 easy steps (TIME SENSITIVE)

As we look at this quarter’s growth plans, one of our goals is to build up our social footprint and drive website traffic via LinkedIn and Twitter. To do so, we are starting a new process–the social push. 

Each week, our agency Write2Market will send each of us an email highlighting the best content of the week so that we, as a group, can share it. Of course sharing is optional, but if you like the topic and you would like to help out the team, a quick social share can go a long way! As a new company, we now have 57 followers, but as individuals our startup has 2,400 connections!

Each time you share a company update, you will be helping us to reach our marketing goals increasing views of our content, social followers, web traffic.

This week’s big push will center around a blog from earlier this year titled, The Essential Challenge. Please head to our LinkedIn Page now, and share it!

1. Simply click share, add your comment, and send this to your connections.

2. Bonus points if you also share it with your comment with 1 or 2 of your groups.

3. If you are a Twitter user, please also share using this Link: (INSERT SHORT CODE LINK TO BLOG). You can write your own tweet, or you can copy and paste the sample tweet in bold below.

The 4 things your customer wants, and how your #CX can provide them. via @engagecx

Next week, I’ll share how we did and let you know how much our traffic increased thanks to you! If you have any questions about how to do this, just give me a shout.

World’s Finest Marketing Director (you)


Social Distribution Template #2: Encouragement

For this next template, we’re going to take a real, live example from our work with Chainalytics. Obviously, you’d modify the information to suit your own company, but we thought we’d leave in the real details so you can see how this truly looks in action:


We’ve made it to  4,978 LinkedIn followers! Just 22 more until we reach our goal of 5,000 by the end of the month! We’ve got 2 days. We can totally do it.

1. Visit our most recent LinkedIn update
2. Click SHARE.

3. Add your comment. Tell your connections why S&OP is important from your perspective.


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