Take the content culture quiz

These ten yes/no questions will help you pinpoint just where you land in the realm of "content marketing culture."

Take the test–it’s simply Yes/No. Keep track of how many times you answer yes . . .

  1. Do you have a company Twitter feed used at least once a day?  y / n
  2. Do you have a company Linkedin where you post at least twice a month? y/n
  3. Does more than 1 employee have the ability to post social content for the company? y/n
  4. Does your team regularly, such as weekly, share company social posts?
  5. Do you publish your own original content? y/n
  6. Do you frequently contribute to trade or business publications in your industry? y/n
  7. Is more than half your executive team active on social media, at least one channel? y/n
  8. Is Facebook or other social programs blocked at work? y/n
  9. Do several of your team members follow each other on various social programs (Facebook Instagram, etc.)?
  10. Is social traffic providing more than 20% of your web site traffic?  y/n

For every yes, you get 10 points.

Scoring Your Content Culture Quiz

90-100 points- well done! You’re in the zone–your company has content culture. The world is your oyster and your lead generation should be up and to the right.

70-90 – Your company is ahead of most of the pack in content culture. Keep it up! Pay particular attention to team engagement and distribution partners to build an even stronger, more effective content culture.

50-70 – Working it! You’re in there making real strides and showing progress. Look to creating regular, strong content to build a backbone for your growing content culture.

30-50 – You’re on the right path. Some of these things take time and have a rhytm of their own. Create a small team at work to help you “spark” a content culture. Pick one of the social mediums like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram where you have the most natural customer base, and play in that sandbox to show your early proof. Then, it’s easier to get more people excited about the great work you’re doing for the company.

0-30 – You’re part of the 99% of firms where the culture doesn’t naturally create and share thought leadership. But the question is–do you want to? It’s never too late to get started! Reflect your industry leadership right now. What do you want to take a stand about?

Okay, that was fun, right? Share the content culture quiz with a content geek and see how they do! Spread content culture! Score yourself right now. Tweet this!

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